we've come a long way since that day, and we will never look back

It's been so busy since Lunar New Year has arrived. Cleaning and cooking and more cleaning. SO TIRED. But I am excited to eat all the Tet(Vietnamese for New Year) food. All this food for some reason only comes once a year, esp my aunt's homemade banh chung. Nom nom! But it does make me sad a bit since I am too old to receive li xi (red envelopes). =( So I opted to give out li xi despite the tradition that you are supposed be married to hand it out. And it's definitely strange that this year Tet fell in January.

Anyhow, I am so ready for this spring/summer to arrive. I wasn't able to find any cute clothing for winter, therefore I keep purchasing clothing for the upcoming seasons. It hasn't been much of a "cold" winter until recently. Boo! Here's a post of what I look forward to be wearing soon sans jacket of course.

F21 top, Sanctuary denim, Dolce Vita heels
Marc Jacobs watch, JewelMint Golden Goose bracelet