The first night I chose to be a Pinup Girl. The hair took the longest. And my fake tattoo is still stuck on me. My friend went to F21 and found us those tops to wear for our outfits completely last minute. We were planning on just wearing a striped tube. Yay for her, life saver! Apologies for the quality of the pictures on this night, my mother came home unexpectedly and we snapped them and rushed out through the front door before she could see us. Lol no need for another "it's going to be cold, you're going to get sick, don't drink and drive" lecture. 

The second night we were Ventriloquist Dolls. We were able to find most of the items in each other's closet, minus my shorts and leggings. So overall, we didn't spend much this year on costumes. They're quite expensive! 


Kinda Casual

Express striped blazer, Nordstrom infinity scarf, Simply Vera flats

Casual day at work. Yay! Although casual DOESN'T REALLY MEAN CASUAL. With my title, I still have to incorporate a blazer or button up into my wardrobe. Since I wore a button up last time, I decided with a striped blazer. This was my first time wearing Simply Vera flats from Khols. -___- It hurt a lot. Not only that but it rubbed some skin off. Never buying cheap flats again. After work we went to eat dinner at Saizo. This Japanese restaurant offers grilled skewers of all sorts (deep fried quail eggs and pork belly are my fav). Plus they have a really tasty variety of high end sake. After that, we drove over to Campbell and explored their nightlife. Katie Blooms had a bartender that gave us a strawberry filled vodka with whip cream! Yummm =)


Levels - minus shoes

Yesterday consisted of pure dedication. To what? My Halloween costume of course! Can't wait til I get to wear it! We went to several stores to find what I needed. To my dismay, we found everything in one setting. Phew, less stress there. After shopping, we went to Honeyberry for some delicious Roti Buns and milk tea. But it was our day off, it wouldn't be one if we didn't find a happy hour place somewhere. So off we go. We ordered a ridiculously strong top shelf Long Island -_- Then headed to Shabuway for their all you can eat and more drinking, so warm sake and beer it was. It was a nice, enjoyable day. On the car ride home, boyf played Avicii - Levels. That song deserved my blog title =)

Oh btw, no shoes because I was buzzed.

Strongest Long Island EVAR

Free People tank, AE white tank, CoH denim

Nordstroms bracelet, Michael Kors watch

Meet Nala, she's shy


The Cusp of Summer & Fall

Express knit dolman sweater, Rock&Republic jeans, Steve Madden wedges
Jewelmint bracelet, Harry Potter golden snitch/clock necklace, F21 angel wings ring, DKNY two tone watch

Take One 
Take Two
We went out for dinner at Yardhouse since a friend came back to visit from New York City. Oh why so far? But it was nice seeing her again. Even though it has been months since I haven't seen her, we had lots to talk about. No awkward silences there =) Can't wait til the 3 amigas are all in NYC together next year. Much EXCITMENT!

Conversation with the boyf a few days ago

Me: You look like an elf with that hair

Boyf: They call me Legolas

Me: I meant ELF, as in Will Ferrell

Boyf: Shut up

Haha what a silly boyf, you can't look like Legolas! =)



BCBGeneration top, Paige Denim Roxbury Crop, BCBGeneration flats, F21 bracelets&
Michael Kors rose gold watch

Today was my day off, each day off I have is the day I try to take photos. Photos of my work outfits would be quite boring. Suits, suits and more suits... I finally took down that hideous painting, or well boyf did. This was quickly thrown together since I was just running some errands. But I do love these flats. The shade of pink and jewels on the bow make it much more detailed. This title was chosen because the pink and gray reminds me of Heffalumps and Woozles. Oh those childhood days.


Best curling iron EVAR! I can achieve the waves that I have been wanting since forever without the perm! Hence my previous blog titled "Digi-Hair." I highly recommend this! View my Tumblr for more info. I am completely satisfied with this purchase!


TOMS Gandhi Shoes

I am extremely sad that I missed out when TOMS released these canvas flats filled with Gandhi quotes.


I am loving this looks for my hair right now! Although you can't really tell from this picture, but it's not curls but more in between the lines of waves and crimp? Idk but I am in loveeeee... (with my hair).

Oh and the scarf I am wearing, I heart! Just got it yesterday from a boutique. It's a gray infinity scarf, and ridiculously SOFT. I want to go back and purchase all the other colors!

F21 vneck tee, Francesca Collection's infinity scarf



So it's been really cold here in San Jose, CA. Pouring rain on and off, resulting in horrific driving conditions. But tonight, the rain stopped at night and I went out to dinner for a celebration. After the rainfall stops, the chill air sets in and it becomes ridiculously cold. Therefore, I opted for a scarf which I managed to deceptively turn into an infinity look-a-like and some boots. =) They didn't keep me THAT warm but cold in California is not as nearly as cold in other states. (Love California weather <3)
F21 cardigan, Hudson jeans, Burberry scarf, Steve Madden boots
F21 Angel wings ring

Steven Madden Boots close-up


Thirsty Thursdays

Earlier this week, my bff Clee came back to town. Needless to say it was time to partyyy! Lol I guess not really since our other girlfriends were unable to go out. But the three of us had a blast, as you can tell from the picture above. One shot became two, then three, then a free drink, one MOAR, etc. That's how the night went and it was carefree, innocent fun. The day after however, was not so.

The Blue Blue Blues

Express blouse, Joe's jeans, Dolce Vita nude wedges

A close up view of my double braided American Eagle belt

Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch <3

Today was casual day or dress down day at work. Yay! I love those days. I wish my field didn't require suits all the time. I opted towards a dress shirt with buttons to keep the professionalism look but remained casual due to its sheer fabric. Skinny jeans, tucked in with a brown belt completed the look. Wedges was an obvious choice considering the fact that I wear nothing but heels at work. These Dolce Vita wedges were a staple for my wardrobe this summer; I don't want to put them away!

I was hoping to take these photos at home, but I woke up in the nick of time to get ready for work. There was no reason to rush; although I encountered traffic on a SATURDAY. You would think I was currently living in LA or something. -__- I arrived to work 15 minutes late (thank gosh I left the house 35 minutes early or I'd be even more late). I decided to take these photos at work, in the girls lounge per se. There is a full length mirror and the iPhone camera doesn't suck THAT bad. =)