F21 tank, Zara skirt, Jewlemint/H&M bracelets,
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, BCBG Generation wedges

My first outfit/lookbook posting. I know the camera quality is not that great, but HEY! I am working on it! I am also going to take off that huge painting so I can have an all white backdrop but I was home alone and the thought of lifting that not so heavy painting off the wall with possibilities of spiders dwelling behind it makes me shudder. -__- The sun set too fast so the "good" lighting was filled with horrible pictures. I hope to look at this post a year from now and go, wow I have improved! Then again, that's if I stay committed. 

This look is titled slouchy because, well isn't it obvious. As I wore the skirt I looked down at the pocket and the slouched. So I loosened the shirt and just had it dangling/loose-ish throughout the outfit. Thought about placing a belt, but for an errand filled day, I felt a belt would just get in the way. 



After all the dye has been set in

End result

Lately, I’ve started dyeing my hair again, every month and a half or so. Since John Frieda and Loreal came up with foam textured hair dye. I love it! It is super convenient and quick to use. I was able to soak/dye my entire head in about 15 minutes. It literally took me about 7 minutes to do the roots. Since I am re-dyeing my hair the same shade, I did the roots first. Waited for 15 minutes since my natural hair color is darker. After that I dyed the rest of my hair, left it in for another 40 minutes and voila! 


My birthday was at Ruby Skye again this year. Oh the memories! This time we all came to see Avicii (last year was Ferry Corsten). I was ecstatic to see him perform. He played all the songs I wanted to hear and more! Avicii definitely moved the crowd, it was beyond amazing. If you haven't heard of him and is into trance/electro type music then check him out. He DOES NOT play dubstep (thank gosh). Not into the new oh I love dubstep/house/trance/electro crap. Avicii's sound reminds me of the good 'ol days when this music wasn't so mainstream.


Dinner with Friends

This year’s dinner with my friends was casual and simple. I like =) Since there was no pressure to have fun and do such and such. Low key=no expectations. I had a great night!
My cousin took me out to breakfast for my bday. Sweet of her. Although I was a wee bit hungover but not? Like partly? The food helped. I did wake up this morning excited though. I LITERALLY JUMPED UP AND DOWN MY BED AND SCREAMED “AVICII!” multiple times actually. -___- I am excited!