F21 tank, Zara skirt, Jewlemint/H&M bracelets,
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, BCBG Generation wedges

My first outfit/lookbook posting. I know the camera quality is not that great, but HEY! I am working on it! I am also going to take off that huge painting so I can have an all white backdrop but I was home alone and the thought of lifting that not so heavy painting off the wall with possibilities of spiders dwelling behind it makes me shudder. -__- The sun set too fast so the "good" lighting was filled with horrible pictures. I hope to look at this post a year from now and go, wow I have improved! Then again, that's if I stay committed. 

This look is titled slouchy because, well isn't it obvious. As I wore the skirt I looked down at the pocket and the slouched. So I loosened the shirt and just had it dangling/loose-ish throughout the outfit. Thought about placing a belt, but for an errand filled day, I felt a belt would just get in the way. 

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