the dog days are over, the dog days are done

Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine

Chose this song title since I am about to go to New York, NY! The dog days are over TEMPORARILY since I am free from work! I've been looking forward for this trip for months and it's finally happening. I can't wait to eat, shop and sightsee.

Here's my outfit post of the day. It started off horrific, woke up early on my day off to get my car serviced. There was traffic on all 3 freeways I had to cross to get to the dealership, AFTER 9AM! I chose an appointment AFTER 9 so I wouldn't run into this issue. When I got there, even though I specifically requested a loaner, they "ran out." WAH! They offered me another alternative, but I only wanted to drive the same car I came in with. YES, there is a difference between my car and other cars from rental companies. -___- So I called my friend and she came to the rescue! So my rant of the day, TRAFFIC SUCKS. Oh and they finished my car around 5pm, more traffic on the way back. y i p p e e. I feel much better after HH. Alcohol does wonders.

F21 Top 
Zara pants
Steve Madden sandals
MBMJ watch, H&M bracelet, JewelMint Wild Thorn Bracelet


  1. Love those mint green pants! Similar to "For Audrey" polish & your name is Audrey! How perf! haha <3


    1. Why thank you! And I own that nail polish too! Lol

  2. pretty photos and a lovely blog. follow me if you wish and i'll follow you back xxx


  3. Cute mint green pants~ Mint seems to be all the rage this season~ =D I feel you on the traffic! SoCal traffic sucks. Takes me an hour and a half to go 35 miles to and from work .. What a waste of 3 hours!! =(