The Blue Blue Blues

Express blouse, Joe's jeans, Dolce Vita nude wedges

A close up view of my double braided American Eagle belt

Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch <3

Today was casual day or dress down day at work. Yay! I love those days. I wish my field didn't require suits all the time. I opted towards a dress shirt with buttons to keep the professionalism look but remained casual due to its sheer fabric. Skinny jeans, tucked in with a brown belt completed the look. Wedges was an obvious choice considering the fact that I wear nothing but heels at work. These Dolce Vita wedges were a staple for my wardrobe this summer; I don't want to put them away!

I was hoping to take these photos at home, but I woke up in the nick of time to get ready for work. There was no reason to rush; although I encountered traffic on a SATURDAY. You would think I was currently living in LA or something. -__- I arrived to work 15 minutes late (thank gosh I left the house 35 minutes early or I'd be even more late). I decided to take these photos at work, in the girls lounge per se. There is a full length mirror and the iPhone camera doesn't suck THAT bad. =)

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