The first night I chose to be a Pinup Girl. The hair took the longest. And my fake tattoo is still stuck on me. My friend went to F21 and found us those tops to wear for our outfits completely last minute. We were planning on just wearing a striped tube. Yay for her, life saver! Apologies for the quality of the pictures on this night, my mother came home unexpectedly and we snapped them and rushed out through the front door before she could see us. Lol no need for another "it's going to be cold, you're going to get sick, don't drink and drive" lecture. 

The second night we were Ventriloquist Dolls. We were able to find most of the items in each other's closet, minus my shorts and leggings. So overall, we didn't spend much this year on costumes. They're quite expensive!