Kinda Casual

Express striped blazer, Nordstrom infinity scarf, Simply Vera flats

Casual day at work. Yay! Although casual DOESN'T REALLY MEAN CASUAL. With my title, I still have to incorporate a blazer or button up into my wardrobe. Since I wore a button up last time, I decided with a striped blazer. This was my first time wearing Simply Vera flats from Khols. -___- It hurt a lot. Not only that but it rubbed some skin off. Never buying cheap flats again. After work we went to eat dinner at Saizo. This Japanese restaurant offers grilled skewers of all sorts (deep fried quail eggs and pork belly are my fav). Plus they have a really tasty variety of high end sake. After that, we drove over to Campbell and explored their nightlife. Katie Blooms had a bartender that gave us a strawberry filled vodka with whip cream! Yummm =)