Levels - minus shoes

Yesterday consisted of pure dedication. To what? My Halloween costume of course! Can't wait til I get to wear it! We went to several stores to find what I needed. To my dismay, we found everything in one setting. Phew, less stress there. After shopping, we went to Honeyberry for some delicious Roti Buns and milk tea. But it was our day off, it wouldn't be one if we didn't find a happy hour place somewhere. So off we go. We ordered a ridiculously strong top shelf Long Island -_- Then headed to Shabuway for their all you can eat and more drinking, so warm sake and beer it was. It was a nice, enjoyable day. On the car ride home, boyf played Avicii - Levels. That song deserved my blog title =)

Oh btw, no shoes because I was buzzed.

Strongest Long Island EVAR

Free People tank, AE white tank, CoH denim

Nordstroms bracelet, Michael Kors watch

Meet Nala, she's shy

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